Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest problems facing human health, but it’s sometimes hard to believe something without experiencing it first-hand or seeing it. An excellent story behind the videos came out in the Atlantic showing just that! The videos below save you the inconvenience and possibly life-threatening experience of having a pathogen evolve antibiotic resistance in or on your body. Instead – just watch. While excellent videos exist to discuss ways antibiotic resistance occurs, there is nothing more exciting than actually watching antibiotic resistance HAPPENING. A lab out of Harvard has made a series of videos showing bacteria exposed to different levels of antibiotics mutating to acquire antibiotic resistance. Below is one of the incredible antibiotic resistance evolution videos.



Increased Awareness of Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Marty Blaser, in his book “Missing Microbes” (reviewed here, his ASM Microbes After Hours talk here) warns of an antibiotic winter where no antibiotics will kill pathogens that have evolved resistance. In 2014, a presidential Task Force for combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria was initiated. The FDA banned the use of the antibiotic triclosan in body and hand washes, in part due to triclosan’s role in increasing antibiotic resistance. For other videos on antibiotic resistance, see my “Antibiotic Resistance” YouTube Channel.


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