As a microbe-minded scientist I get odd emails and text messages from friends and neighbors (and their kids!!). “Which probiotics should I buy?” “Do microbes make dog toes smell like popcorn?” ” If I lick my hand it smells like belly button – why?” “My poop used to sink, now that I’m pregnant – it floats, why is that?” And those are just a few. Often similar questions arise time after time (like the probiotic one) and sometimes I know there are other scientists who may have more insight into the question (Dr. Rob Dunn’s fabulous Belly Button Biodiversity project team!). So I’m starting “Ask Professor Microbe”. If I don’t know, I’ll reach out to folks I think can help out. Feel free to send questions through social media (FB page, Instagram (@professrmicrobe), Twitter (@professrmicrobe) or gmail: Looking forward to hearing what you wonder about the microbial world! HT (Hat Tip) goes to my neighbor who always texts “Professor Microbe”.



Should I buy probiotics that are refrigerated or on the shelf?