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Here’s my current favorite general microbiome video:

#MicrobeWeek Videos: Part 1 and Part 2

Microbial Media and Bacterial Biofilms: #SciComm Round-up


When Teachers Throw Things – Using stuffed microbes in the classroom

Modeling the Digestive System Microbiome – A hands-on activity I developed for teaching about microbial ecology and disruption due to antibiotics. Published in the Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education.

4 Microbiome Educational Activities for the Classroom

5 Thoughts for Improving Science Education from ASMCUE2016

Let it Glow – Let it Glow – It Can’t Hold It Back Anymore!

Small Things that Make a Big Difference – Project NEURON

Swabs to Genomes – Sequencing genomes in an undergraduate class

Small World Initiative – Using students to help search for novel antibiotics

A Handful of Diversity – A post on growing microbes from kid’s hands

Gut Check: The Microbiome Game PDF version, Print edition

Foldscope: The Origami Microscope

How Can a Functional Microscope be Made Out of Paper?

11 Days Left for Foldscope on Kickstarter

Put a Microscope in the Hands of Everyone


7 ways The BioCollective will Accelerate Microbiome Research and Change Medicine

Doggy Biome: Healthy? Sick? Young? Old? Send Us Your Dog Poop!

Small World Initiative: BIG World Impact!

Information from the Built Microbiome Project

Collection of citizen science-related papers at JMBE


American Microbiome Institute Podcast

From the American Society of Microbiology:

Microbes After Hours


Meet the Scientist

This Week in Microbiology

This Week in Parasitism

This Week in Virology


General Microbiome, Birth Microbiome, Infant Microbiome

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