It’s been a nerve-wracking week here in Baltimore, but I wanted to quickly share a few good microbial related reads for the Fabulous Friday Feature(s).

Grownups might enjoy the book Follow Your Gut: The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes (TED Books) by Rob Knight, leading microbiome researcher and head of the American Gut project, and Brendan Buhler. I’ve just started on my copy, but  at Brain Pickings has done a nice review: “Our Microbes, Ourselves” that discusses in her usual insightful, creative, and interdisciplinary perspective.

For kids (though adults might love it too!!)

A freebie for the first week of May is an e-book copy of The Squid, the Vibrio and the Moon, the FABULOUS kids book out of Australia on the beneficial interaction between the bobtail squid and it’s glowing Vibrio bacteria. This book is the first in a series on mutualistic microbes that is produced by the Scale Free Network. The lead scientist is Gregory Crocetti and partnering with artists Briony Barr & Jacqueline Smith. You can also order a hard copy in their shop. I love that it’s written in an engaging graphic novel style, but the science is spot-on! My daughter was 5 when we got this and she was mesmerized through the whole book. The illustrations are phenomenal. They also have teaching resources if you want to use the book in the classroom.


Scale Free Network’s second book on microscopic organisms features the coral reef and its microscopic partners – a photosynthetic zooxanthellae and a nitrogen fixing bacterium.

Hope you enjoy these fine reads!





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