Reviews of microbe and science-themed books for adults and kids.


Your Baby’s Microbiome – Excellent book on the importance of birth and first foods for the infant microbiome

Let Them Eat Dirt – Good book about the first few years of life and the microbiome, though I feel some of the recommendations are premature.

I Contain Multitudes – Excellent book on microbe-host interactions, from insects and squid to humans, and the scientists doing the research.

The Hidden Half of Nature – A book comparing the beneficial microbes in the soil around plant roots and those in our guts and their importance for human health.

Welcome to the Microbiome – An excellent crash course on general biology, microbiology and the human microbiome.

Missing Microbes – An interesting discussion of how the overuse of antibiotics has influenced human and microbiome health.

The Science of Mom – An evidence-based book on the first year of infant life.

The Good Gut – THE book on nurturing a healthy gut microbiome by scientists doing the research. Includes kid-friendly recipes.

Follow Your Gut – A TED-talk style book that tells engaging stories of microbiome research.


The Invisible War – Graphic Novel for high school aged and up about World War II and the war between bacteriophage and the bacterium that causes dysentery


Tiny Creatures – Excellent kid’s book on the microbial world from environmental to human-associated microbes. Nice visuals and great analogies.

The Squid, The Vibrio, and The Moon  – Awesome graphic novel about the bioluminescent partnership between squid and the bacterium Vibrio. 

Zobi and the Zoox  – The second amazing graphic novel from Scale Free Network. This one is about corals, their dinoflagellate, and bacterial partners.

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